How to find a good electrician in London

When it come to electricians there are so many in London. However you should know whom to hire and why you should be hiring them. because if they do a band job all will be bad.

So in this case we would like to introduce SOS Electricals – the company with years of experience in electrical work and projects.

Electrical Installation in Luxury apartments By SOS Electricals

Everything you need to know about how house clearance services work

There comes a time when one has to move houses. Sometimes you might want to relocate to an area closer to your work place or you might have found a vacant house in an area you like. Whatever the reasons, moving houses is one of the most significant tasks you might have to do.

Here is everything you need to know about how house clearance services work;

  • House clearance companies have to be licensed and authorized by local authorities to help move personal or company property from one premises to another. Choose a company that has years of experience and is qualified to carry out house clearance in your area.
  • House clearance involves a wide array of tasks such as inspections, loading, and transportation, and so on so forth. Some clearance companies offer services that focus on certain areas of the house such as basement or garage clearance or a house clearance kensington
  • House clearance service companies take pride in their staff. They will ensure they are carefully vetted and trained; are courteous and professional at all times. This means that the team will know how to handle any tasks and jobs at hand and more importantly, will have high levels of integrity. They can be trusted in your home and premises and nothing will go missing.
  • Their staff will be decent and presentable. Good house clearance service companies invest in protective clothing such as overalls, boots and gloves to ensure their safety at all times.
  • A good house clearance service will also invest in special tools and equipment to ensure the job is done well. When moving very heavy items, the equipment helps lift and move bulky items carefully and safely.
  • Environment friendly. A great clearance company is conscious about the environment and ensures they recycle nearly all the waste collected. Look out for a house clearance service with a high recycle rate.
  • Cleaning servicesHouse clearance company services may include upon your request, cleaning of the premises you are moving and they will also ensure they clean up after they have moved all the items from your previous premises.
  • A good house clearance service will be insured. In event anything was to happen, both the staff and your property will be covered by the insurance company.


Here is everything you need to know about how house clearance services work to guide you in choosing the right company for you.

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How much is my house worth? Free home valuation Guide

Most people become confused, frustrated, and ultimately helpless, when they have to sell their house but are not sure of its proper worth. After all, how can you sell something and make a profit, if you don’t know its value in the first place? But in this day and age of the internet, you have all the advice and tips to find out the worth of your house!

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  • Get a Valuer; the easiest way to find out the real worth of your house is by hiring the services of a valuer. They are experts in giving a fair, unbiased valuation report of your house.
  • Check Online; do a bit of research online, and find out what houses have been sold around your area, and how much they are going for. Some major cities have directories with details of all available or sold properties, and you can check from those, then have an approximate worth of how much your house is worth.
  • Price report; a price report can be easily and conveniently sourced from the internet, mostly free but some sites may charge a small fee. These reports will give you a list of all the prices of houses in your area, as well as the market trends in that vicinity. However, this too will just give facts to help you estimate the worth of your house; it doesn’t give you the actual worth of your house.
  • Real estate agents; unlike a valuer whose final report is admissible in a court of law, real estate agents tend to give their own honest estimation of the value of your house, based on the trends they have observed in your neighborhood. They are good at helping you get the bigger picture of things to consider when valuing your house. And read more on


Always ensure that you establish the real worth of your house, before going ahead to sell it, otherwise you may make huge losses without realizing it.

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