16, Jul, 2019
Benefits of Staying at Airbnb

Benefits of Staying at Airbnb

If you’re planning a holiday, chances are that you are looking for a Hotel to stay in, however there are many benefits of using Airbnb.

  1. It’s safe

You might be thinking that hotels are safer than Airbnb, because they are established, and won’t scam you and run away with your money. However, the same it’s true for Airbnb, there are many security checks, that the host has to go through before he can start renting his property.


  1. You feel more like a local

When using Airbnb, you can stay in someone else’s home, this makes you more aware of the culture and it makes you interact with the local much more, than if you have stayed isolated in the hotel with other tourists.


  1. You have everything that you have at home

What I missed at hotels it’s that I could not cook, wash my clothes or do anything else than sleep for that matter. However, that’s not true when you’re using Airbnb, all the places where I staid had a washing machine, some of them even drier, and most importantly, kitchen which you can use for cocking. It just makes the stay much more comfortable when you know that you don’t have to eat out all the time. You can check out some of the facilities provided at  https://www.yourwelcome.com


  1. You can rent entire home

As mentioned before, it makes you feel more like you’re at home. The fact that you can rent entire home just for yourself it’s very convenient. Especially if you travel with a big family, it might be hard find a big enough room for all of you. However, if you rent entire home there’s always tons of space.


It’s definitely worth considering Airbnb when you travel, it’s very popular in many countries, so the you will definitely find the home that you will love.

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